Help with triggers please!

Mar 04, 2016


Just wondering if anybody can help me with the triggers and variables that i've set up on the slide attached? I would like it do to the following:

  • If the user clicks on the Residential Sales and Residential Lettings options together, the 'Thats right + sales' layer should appear when they click submit
  • If they click on Residential Lettings on its own, the 'Thats right' layer should appear when they click submit
  • If they click on any other combinations, the 'Thats not the right answer' layer should appear when they click submit

Everything else seems to be working, apart from the 'Thats right + sales' layer appears when Residential Sales and Residential Lettings are selected with any of the other options. This should trigger a the 'Thats not the right answer' layer when the user clicks submit, but I can't work out why it doesn't.

Is anybody able to help? I'm sure it's something obvious that I've missed!

Thanks in advance,


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Michaella Roess

Hi Zett,

Thanks for your help. Although, when I had a look at your version of the file, the 'Thats not the right answer' layer came up for everything?

Can you explain how the wronganswer trigger conflicts with the others please? I put that one in because if you clicked on Residential Sales on its own, nothing happened.



Zett Zhou

Oh sorry I attached the wrong file! It wasn't saved properly I guess, this one should be the correct one, I tested it myself.

So basically the conflict is when you set Adjust Variable "wronganswer" when Checkbox 1 is selected, it goes against your Variable "Salesright", which is set to True when both Checkbox 1 and 2 are selected. So what happens is both "wronganswer" and "Salesright" will be set to True when Checkbox 1 and 2 are selected.

My version takes out  the variables entirely. You only need to use condition to indicate the scenarios.


Michaella Roess

Hi Zett,

Thank you so much for your help, I can see how simple the triggers are now. I tried to do something similar on my first try, but it just didnt seem to work. The order of the triggers seemed to be having an impact, so whichever one appeared first on the list just wouldn't work.

So glad you have cracked it for me though, thank you!


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