help with variable change triggers & true/false triggers

Hi all, I would appreciate some advice on this slide please. I've designed a drag & drop task, where the user drops 4 words in some text on their respective 4 dotted lines. Once the user has dropped the 4 words in the correct spaces, I wanted some text to appear beneath it. I can get the text to appear but only if the user drops the last word ( 99.9) in to the correct dotted line last ?

Is there a way around this ? so that the user may randomly drop the words in to position, so that 99.9 isn't necessarily dropped last ? 

Also is there a way of having a THAT's CORRECT pop up box  that fades/disappears when the user drops the word in the correct spot , without using "back" or "next" buttons ?

lots of asks today, but help would be great :-)

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Julie Stelter

Hi Altan,

The reason why this is happening is because the show layer trigger is triggered when 99.9 is dropped and also the variable is triggered when the same happens. So your logic is dependent upon this final action.

Two solutions come to mind. If you can make the drop zones change state when there is a correct drop, then you can show the layer when all of the states have changed. If this isn't possible, then have 3 more variables each triggered by a correct drop of a single word. Then show the layer when all 4 of those variables have changed or are equal to true. thing that comes to mind right now is to have 4.

To achieve a "That's correct," you could show a layer after that particular word drop is successful. The individual variables or the states scenario up top could achieve this.



Altan Ahmet

Hi Julie

What state should I change the drop zones too, is it "drop correct" ?

I suspect the latter solution of writing a change of state trigger 4 times for each drop is going to be the one that works, I'll let you know.

Thanks for the advice, I shall try to have a go at your suggestions today and let you know how I get on

Many thanks

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Altan,

You don't have to make a trigger for the dropped correct - it'll behave as described here. But you will need to create that state for your items, and ensure that they have a correct drop target. Additionally you'll want to make sure that the drag and drop options allow for the states to be shown prior to submission if you want  to check the value/conditions. 

Altan Ahmet

Hi Ashley

I opted for creating 4 triggers for each word being dropped , which dealt with the change of state i wanted nicely.

I must admit I haven't quite got my head around drop correct yet, so will have a look at your description for future reference.Thank you for providing this info Ashley.

Altan Ahmet

Hi Ashley

I spoke too soon, I don't understand how drop correct works without  trigger if you're drag & dropping ?

I'm trying the drop correct/drop incorrect in this slide, but I cant get it to work

I've introduced a trigger on the probe thermometer picture so that if you drop in to the left clean & disinfect box it should say correct, but it doesn't  ?

What have I misunderstood here ?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Altan,

Thanks for sharing your file here - you'd need to have this set up as a drag and drop question to use the functionality as I described, as that's the only way you'd be able to determine something was "correct" without the triggers. You could use the "convert to freeform" functionality to create this as a drag and drop style quiz.  

Also grouped objects have difficulty working with states, as you won't be able to edit the states of grouped objects, but you could look at placing all the items into one image or picture and then edit the state of that. You could add objects into a state though, so show more than one object later.