Moving objects within States

I'm creating a sorting game. Drag the recyclable to the correct receptacle and the item disappears while supportive text appears. I deleted the recyclable within the Drop Correct state to mimic it going into the receptacle and centered the supportive text within the screen. Great! However, the words move to where the object is dropped. I can adjust the text's starting position so it winds up in an approximate center, but some items can be placed in more than 1 correct drop is on the lower left, another on the lower right and that confuses the text. That is, if I aligned the text way up and to the right thinking most users would drop the recyclable into the left container, when a user drops it in the far right container, the text is off screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hi Carisa,

How about something like the example I've attached? This example allows your messages to all show in a text area at the bottom between the 2 drop zones.

I didn't make the objects disappear when they are dropped so you could redrag them to each drop area to see the messages change in the bottom middle. Let me know if you need any help with my example.

Kirsti Harris

I know this is probably not ideal, but what about changing the orientation of the game? In other words, could it work to have both drop targets on the far right (or left)?  That way your drop correct state text should show up on screen either way as long as it's set up to be off to the right and centered on where the original item was.

Without having seen your game, I'm imagining a set up something like this: