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Sep 10, 2015


I am looking for some help with variables, I *think* I've put things in right? (although clearly not because it doesn't work properly!)

I have a menu slide, which hyperlinks to other slides, and have the images change to 'Visited' once they have been clicked. Once they are all clicked I want to show the 'Complete' layer, which I have done by doing:

Show layer Complete when state of all pictures are visited. That works fine.

However it shows the layer as the screen is transitioning to whatever is the last image to be clicked on, whereas I would prefer it to show upon return to the menu.

I added True/False variables for each hyperlinked slide that set to true when the slide is visited, and changed the original one to be:

Show layer complete when state of all pictures are visited, and all variables are true. But now it does not work.

I know it might be hard to tell from just what I have said but does anyone have any ideas?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jake

i would put a T/F variable on the slide/layer that appears triggered when the timeline starts on the slide/layer instead of using the visited States on the images.

If you are navigating away from the slide with the images to other slides not layers then you could trigger the completed layer to show when timeline starts on menu layer on condition that TF variable 1 = True and TF variable 2 = true etc.Hope I have understood what you mean

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