Help with variables from storyline 2 drag and drop

Mar 20, 2015

Hey folks, have a question about variables in a storyline 2 drag and drop freeform.


I do all my own visuals, and pull those in to storyline 2. I have a set of numbers that I'll drag to six spots. Now I understand to make a drag and drop, i have to use the freeform drag and drop. That's fine, but it seems to use hidden or temp variables. I'm comfortable with all variables, but what kills me is that the drag and drop only outputs the final data, and it seems to be all or none. So if I get all six placements right I get 100 percent, 10 base points, and a pass. If I get even one wrong out of the six, it shows 0 percent, no points and a fail. P.I.T.A

So is there a way to attribute the proper points and percentage? I'm doing this without drags and using variables elsewhere, I just can't get my hands on the hidden variables within the drag and drop,then I could create my own set and pull them properly.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

All of the questions within Storyline or Quizmaker don't have any partial scoring options, so it's an all or nothing approach to answering them as you said. You won't be able to access the built in scoring variables, so you may want to look at doing something more custom on your own end with variables based on what the user drops correctly. Hopefully if someone in the community has created similar they'll be able to share that with you here. 

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