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Nov 09, 2015


I've got a problem and I don't understand why!!

 For this exercise we can jump to next slide only if "les champignons" and "Les insectes" are visited.

 So, bottom right, you get :

- a picture (state "normal") : in the foreground

- a button (state "normal) : in the background

 After clicking "les champignons" and "Les Insectes", the picture changes state to "hidden" and  we should be able to jump to next slide with the button.

 BUT : the picture doesn't change state ! And we can't jump to next slide because we don't see the button...

 Needs someone help, please!





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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Melanie,

you have added a SWF file... can you add a .story file?

The SWF file will not show a Content when I try to open it.



You may want to take a look at this thread because it looks like you are using the french translation of SL and there are infact bugs if you use a translation (german, french,...):


I'm working with the "native" english Version though I would prefer the german translation.

Walt Hamilton

Using "When state of ... is ... " is not always reliable. It is only triggered when the state changes and is only heard by triggers that are on the same layer, and slide. It works best as a condition to a trigger that is initiated by some other action, such as the user clicking.

If you put the trigger to hide "Normal" on the layers, and attach it to the user clicking, it will work.

I STRONGLY suggest that you do not name your objects names that are used by Storyline, as this may cause unpredictable actions. I changed the name of "Normal" to "Cover" for that reason.

Try scene 2 in the attached  story.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Melanie for clarifying that it's not associated with that other issue. As Walt mentioned the trigger condition could also be impacting this and the order in which triggers are executed is described a bit further here.  I tend to stay away from triggers such as "when variable changes" or "when state changes" as Walt mentioned, the trigger is looking for that to occur on that exact slide and moment, so if it's occurred earlier on a different slide than the trigger won't execute. It looks like you'll be able to use Walt's method going forward, but please let us know if you need anything else. 

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