Hide a Slide or Scene

Feb 01, 2022

Grüezi Mitenand,

Here is just an idea how - from our perspective - the product Storyline could be improved.

We have some corporate design rules. Based on that we created some buttons and some texts (to be completed) and put these in a separate scene and sorted the stuff in separate slides. Above that, I sometimes work on slides, but would wish to publish the current state of the project, except that which I am working on. When refreshing the menu, all scenes and all slides are reflected in the player menu.

It would be great to have a Hide Scene respectively a Hide Slide feature to disable that. Refreshing the menu would skip those scenes and slides which are hidden. This would greatly reduce the risk of having too much (unwanted) stuff in the player menu.

If one would think this further, then three (3) such properties would result:
1. Hide Scene from Menu
2. Hide Slide from Menu
3. Exclude Slide from Scene  (prev/next buttons would jump over this slide)

It is just a suggestion. Maybe we are not alone.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen


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