hide and show layer on a press of a button/play and stop media

Apr 13, 2019


I'm having trouble on hide and show layer/play and stop media.

I have a button which I made for play media and stop media. the triggers were:

1. play media when user clicks button if button state is "unMute"

2. stop media when user click button if state is "visited" (I used visited cause it's more easy to go between states cause it's automatically changes to visited on click)

of course I added the triggers:

1. change button state to "unMute" when user clicks button and state is "visited".

When that didn't work I tried to put the media on other layer and turn the layer on and off:

1. show layer "media" when user clicks button and state is "unMute"

2. hide layer "media" when user clicks button and state is "visited".

Well, that didn't work either.

The layer is hidden on click. but it doesn't show on second click (even though the button changes state according to the triggers).

Does anybody know how to make it work?

I've attached my file (first slide only, cause it's the relevant one). the button in question is the bottom one that has audio icon on it.

I preffer using the music on the same layer but if it will work only on other layer than it's fine too.




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