Hide correct answers in exam review

Is there a way to hide the "correct answer check mark" that appears while reviewing the exam?  

Learners have 2 attempts to complete the exam. Here's what I'd like to be able to do:

1st attempt review - provide feedback on where they can find the correct answer but don't show the correct answer.

2nd attempt review - provide feedback and show the correct answer.

Thank you!

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Clint Higgins

I too need to know if there is a way to do this. In the meantime, I have 2 results pages that end users are directed to based on their score. If they fail the assessment, they aren't able to review their answers and are taken back to the beginning of the assessment. IF they pass, they can review their answers.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lesley and Clint,

This is REALLY a long reply, but I wasn't sure how else to explain all that I'd done!

Hiding the Correct Answer Checkmark (so it doesn't show the first time through)

  • Click the Edit Results Slide button
  • Click the Options tab on the left of the dialog box
  • Click to remove the checkmark from "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing

Regarding the 2 attempts, I threw together a really rough story with 1 question slide and a Results Slide in an attempt to achieve this.

I created a T/F trigger, named it Attempt 1, and set it to False

For the Question Slide I added a Review layer. I learned this trick from a Jeanette Brooks tutorial quite some time back.

I clicked the Edit T/F question button (pane on right)
At the bottom of the window, I typed a space in the Post-Quiz Review text area and saved the quiz. This automatically creates a Review layer.

I clicked in the Review layer, where a shape had been automatically added. You can of course do whatever you want here, but I simply repositioned the shape and typed some text in it...this would be your feedback text. I assume this text would be the same for both Learner attempts.

I also added a checkmark, mimicking the "default" checkmark, and set its initial state to hidden.
I created a trigger to change the state of the checkmark to normal when the timeline starts if the Attempt1 variable=True.

You would need to do this for each question slide.

I added a trigger to the Retry Quiz button to Set the Attempt 1 variable = to True when the user clicks this button. This trigger is the first "Retry Quiz" trigger.

With this setup, and if I understood your goal correctly:
Attempt 1
Learner answers question(s)
Learner clicks Review Quiz button
Learner sees feedback for question(s)

Attempt 2
Learner clicks Retry Quiz button
Learner answers question(s)
Learner clicks Review Quiz button
Learner sees checkmark beside correct answer AND feedback

Please shout out with any questions!

Sjoerd de Vries

Hi Rebecca.

Took me some time to understand, but with the help of your attachment it was a nice learning activity to accomplish this.

I am new to triggers and I did not notice that for example, the trigger event on the Rsult slide to change the value of Attempt1 to True needs to be before the trigger to proceed to the test. It's logic, but you can overlook.

Also, I did not understand immediately how to change the initial state of an image. But that is clear now as well.

I found out that if the order of the answers are shuffled, this is not an appropriate solution. The checkmarks on the review page will not be alligned with the correct answer. Do you have any toughts on this?