Hide hotspot choices during post-quiz review

Hi all,

I am building a quiz which includes freeform hotspots. Is there a way to allow users to review the questions that they got correct and incorrect in a post-quiz review which does not show the hotspot choices? 

Attached is a (fake! :) ) example of the view I get when I click "review responses".  I'd like them to just see the slide with the "incorrect" or "correct" banner.

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Matt Hundt

I am having the opposite problem. When reviewing the quiz it is not showing the learner where they should have clicked. I have the box checked for "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing." The review displays where the learner clicks but does not highlight the hotspot they should have clicked on.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Matt!

I see that you've reached out in a support case and worked with my teammate, Matthew! I see that he's logged this as a possible software bug. We'll continue investigating this issue and update you in this discussion when we ship a fix. 

You can check out how we tackle bugs here!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sara!

I've reviewed Matt's case, and I see that my teammate, Matthew, was able to report this as a software bug where the correct (green) hotspot isn't shown when reviewing a hotspot question/test mode slide.

I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers in a support case so they can take a look at your project and suggest if there is a workaround!

Matt Hundt

Hi Sara - it looks like there was a bug in a newer release of SL preventing this from working properly. I had to downgrade to an older version of SL to republish the course and that fixed it for me. If you open a case, they should be able to provide a stable release to the older version and all you'll have to do is publish and post to your LMS.