Hide hotspot choices during post-quiz review

Jan 17, 2019

Hi all,

I am building a quiz which includes freeform hotspots. Is there a way to allow users to review the questions that they got correct and incorrect in a post-quiz review which does not show the hotspot choices? 

Attached is a (fake! :) ) example of the view I get when I click "review responses".  I'd like them to just see the slide with the "incorrect" or "correct" banner.

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Matt Hundt

I am having the opposite problem. When reviewing the quiz it is not showing the learner where they should have clicked. I have the box checked for "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing." The review displays where the learner clicks but does not highlight the hotspot they should have clicked on.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sara!

I've reviewed Matt's case, and I see that my teammate, Matthew, was able to report this as a software bug where the correct (green) hotspot isn't shown when reviewing a hotspot question/test mode slide.

I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers in a support case so they can take a look at your project and suggest if there is a workaround!

Matt Hundt

Hi Sara - it looks like there was a bug in a newer release of SL preventing this from working properly. I had to downgrade to an older version of SL to republish the course and that fixed it for me. If you open a case, they should be able to provide a stable release to the older version and all you'll have to do is publish and post to your LMS.

Jo Murphy

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to disable hotspot interactions during post-quiz review? I have been looking and have tried several options.


Learner takes quiz

Learner reviews quiz

Learner selects anywhere on screen during quiz review

Learner receives an incorrect score for clicking on screen during review