Hide Next button until all layers viewed/visited

Dec 30, 2015

I know how to hide the Next navigation button until a certain logic is satisfied. For example if a number of buttons are selected (all or any). But I need to hide the Next button until all layers of a slide are viewed. Anybody know of a way to do this?

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Eric Schaffer

OK, Here is what I did to make this work. I changed the "State" of the "Next" button to "hidden" when the time line starts. Next I make each button "State" change from "Normal" to "Visited" after each button is clicked on. Then the last part is to change the "State" of the "Next" button to "Normal after each button has been "Visited". So after all buttons have been visited the "Next" button will come back. I have 6 slide in my last module that have this set up. Please if there is an easier way let me know.

I would try with one button first, then copy the button.

Good luck

Leonie Lawson

Hello, I'm pleased to have found this thread and hoped that the example would help me, but my slide doesn't seem to be co-operating. Can you please take a look at the triggers I have created and tell me why the next button is not showing? I have compared this to the sample above, but can't see anything obvious. 

Basically I just want the next button to appear once the user has viewed each layer. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Leonie and thank you for sharing your .story file for us to take a look at. 

Your triggers all looked great by the way, but the reason the next button was not appearing is because you had it set for when the slide timeline started, but you were in a layer and the timeline wasn't starting.

I removed this part of the trigger and it's solely dependent on the states of your buttons now and seems to work as you expected. 

Updated file attached.