Hide- Show - Disable custom navigation buttons.

Feb 28, 2022

Hi.  I am building a custom course where I have the "Menus and Controls" turned off in the Player. I have my custom buttons setup in the Master Slide so that these buttons show across all slides in my course.  This is great, however from time to time I need to be able to hide/disable some of the buttons. Is this possible?  I am not able to find a way to do this.  For example on a slide If I want to disable my custom Next and Back buttons with a Slide Trigger my button names do not show up in the list.  Only buttons on the actual slide I am editing show up.  Will I need to control this type of setup with variables?  

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Scott Wiley

Do it with variables.

For example, create a T/F variable named "disableNav" initially set to "False." 

On your master slide, create a trigger to set your button to disabled state when variable "disableNav" changes, if value = "true."

Create another one to change its state to Normal when that variable changes, if value = "false."

I hope that helps. If not, see if you can share your file.

Russ Lickteig

Well I believe I just figured it out.  I had the Master slide stuff as a Slide Trigger vs a Variable Trigger like I have here.  It works...but...what a pain!  I have several button to do this too.  Can't believe that SL can't give me a list of every button being used in a course.  If I could I could just do a Slide Trigger.  "Change State of Button A, and Button B, and Button C to Disabled, When Timeline starts on This Slide".  I could just copy that to a handful of slides and be done.  

Scott Wiley

Yup, that last one was the way I was thinking of. 

The other way depends too much on the timing of the triggers. So you had a master slide trigger that called out every time a new slide was loaded (timeline starts), but that probably happened before your slide trigger could change the variable.

Another way your master slide trigger could work might be to delay the call out a bit, so the slide trigger has a chance to set the variable before the master trigger looks for it.

Russ Lickteig

Why the heck do these Variables/Triggers not work when going backwards through a course? For example.  I have slides in my course where we have a Quiz/Scenario ( not graded ) where we hide the next button which forces the user to choose one of two choices.  When they choose one I then display a Correct or Incorrect Slide Layer on that slide.  From the Slide Layer I show a Next Page button for them to move on.  When I return to the Scenario page the Next button that was hidden is now visible.  Again...seems so simple to give us the ability to simply Hide an element (button or graphic) when entering a slide vs Variables/Triggers.