hiding customized player tabs on particular slides?

Aug 08, 2012

If you add some of your own tabs to the player (say, in the upper right where Resources usually is), is there any way to make them not available on a particular slide? I see how you can customize the player with the standard options (Menu, Resources, Glossary, etc.) for particular slides. But I can't find a way to hide custom player tabs, for example, on quiz slides.



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Maria Powell

Hello Storyline team, frankly how can that be that after 10 years we still don't have a feature like that? So much improvement in the software in general but can't fix that? 

I need to have participants printing a certificate on the last page but the name and date needs to be added, so I have a java trigger for that, but the "print" feature of the page will NOT print the text entered in the fields. I had to add a PRINT tab in the player but all pages have it and this is a quiz so is not working.