hiding objects on base layer then showing in other layers

Jun 09, 2014

Hi everyone!  

I'm hoping someone may have run into this situation before and can help me out.  I have a map that I need to show cities depending on what menu item the user has chosen. Is there a way to put all the city markers and the world map on the base layer, then turn off the visibility for the cities markers on the base layer and switch visibility on for certain city markers on slide layers?   I've been trying to do this, but when I turn the visibility off on the base layer items, it doesn't give me an option to show them again on the additional slide layers.  

I know I can accomplish this with setting the cities to hidden with triggers on the base layer, it's just that there are more than 60 cities on the map and to do this all with triggers would be more complicated then just turning on/off the visibility "eye" on the base layer.  

Hopefully I'm making sense!  I can send the project file so you can see what I'm trying to do if it's not clear.  Thanks everyone for any help you can offer!

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Pamela Davison

Well after some trial and error I've found a work-around.  I've left the cities visible on the base layer and created a new layer that has all cities hidden.  Then I created a variable set to redirect the base layer to show the layer with all the cities hidden.  So in effect making the new layer with the hidden cities to be the default layer instead of the base layer.  Not the cleanest way of doing this, but it's better than 60 triggers on every layer!!!  If anyone has any other ideas though please let me know, I'm still learning Storyline and would love to hear how others would tackle a problem like this!

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