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Dave Cox

Hi Bronwyn,

I'm not sure what you are asking for. 

In Storyline, the default player buttons are always on the base layer. You can hide them using triggers if you want, but they will remain on the base layer. If you want to hide them when you go to a layer, just add a trigger to hide them with the same conditions of the trigger that activated the layer, and then show them when you return to the base layer.

Michael Gallagher

Instead of hiding the player buttons, why not set them to disabled. I am assuming you don't want the user to be able to navigate to the next screen until a layer has been viewed. On the main layer add a trigger to set the state of the "next" button disabled when timeline starts. On the layer, set the state of that button to normal etc...

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bronwyn

see attached updates to your file.

I removed the hotspots - the user can click directly onto the callout and go to the layer.

I removed the 'change state to visited' triggers - SL knows what to do when you use any of the built in states.

I removed the change state of next button trigger on the base layer and just kept on the layers. Be careful with the triggers you had them set to when the timeline started on the continue button instead of the layer.

I added the change state of prev button triggers to each layer.

Changed the layer triggers from 'jump to slide' to 'hide layer' when the user clicks the continue button.

hope this helps you.