Hiding / Removing player on export to HTML

I'm wanting to render my Storyline content without having the player wrapper around it. I can see that I can remove the tabs (Topbar left, right and the sidebar),  title and the controls (volume, search etc.)  on export using the "current player" config button.

Is there a way to completely remove the entire player, just rendering the content slides as is ?

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Adam Hoe

Hi Peter,

It sounds like you are looking at the Player Properties > Features options

Try looking under Player Properties > Colors & Effects

Under the Color scheme, select Show advanced color editing

There is a huge list of items you can adjust but you can start with the following:

Edit item: > Base > Main Background

Adjust the Transparency to 100%

I am working in SL2. There may be another way but I hope this is helpful.

Peter Woodward

Dear Adam,

Thanks very much for this. I've been able white-out all of the border elements.  The attached image shows the effect. The central rectangle is the 'content' slides while at the bottom right an outline of the PREV/NEXT buttons can just be seen (highlighted). Ideally I'd like to disable these buttons completely, forcing all navigation to be embedded within the scripting of the player.

Any ideas on that one ?


Dave Cox

For each slide, look at the slide layers. To the right of your base layer, is a little gear icon. Click that icon to open the slide properties. 

In the Slide navigation controls area, deselect the Prev and Next boxes. This will remove the previous and next buttons from your slide, and will allow the player to extend down into that area.