Hiding Volumn Control in a Storyline Scene

Apr 23, 2013

I know how to remove the volume button from a whole course, but how do I hide it in just one scene or one screen? I unchecked the seek bar in the individual screen properties but it did not hide the volume button.

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Phileen Dickinson

I"m looking for this functionality as well.  I'm confused as to why this would be so complicated for Articulate programmers to accomplish: there is already a (per slide)  option to hide all the other controls...this volume control is the only one that you can't hide.  

I don't understand the logic of leaving it out of that option.  I guess it's not as simple as adding a line of code that copies the statements that apply the show/hide method the other controls and simply replacing the  variable to call the volume icon and  disengaging the associated action?

I'd use the request feature option but others have done so and it's not effective as it's not a priority as you've stated...and maybe it's more complicated than I'm suggesting?

Chris Roetzer

Hey staff, any update as to when you think it will be shipped? Seems no luck yet - assuming Player features (custom) would be a nice spot to add a check box. In my view, have it work in tandem with the player default on/off. For example, if player default is off, enable at the slide level here (it would appear on the player when on the enabled slide). If Player is checked on, opposite is true (can remove from player at the slide level, unchecking here).

I'll have to scroll back to see but maybe someone has a javascript hack to enable/disable the volume button...

Ren Gomez

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the added insight into this feature request. It's not one we've added to Storyline yet,  but we have a report of folks who have requested it, and I can add you to that. 

We’ll remain active in our tracking of this request and be sure to update this discussion if anything changes!

In the meantime, you can take a look at this discussion where some members have shared their workarounds:

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