May 14, 2015

Hi all, new to StoryLine.

Am i able to place information such as an image or heading that will filter through to every other page on my project,m or do i need to copy and paste it to every page?

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Gary Collins

Remember that master slide content will be at the bottom. Everything placed on a slide will be above this.

I have been working on a project where the header and footer are the same across all screens. So it would have been nice to put these on a slide master. But, if I had something I wanted to slide in from the bottom or top it would slide in above my header or footer instead of underneath. Because of that I had to copy the header and footer to every slide.

Would be nice if you could choose for the slide master to be at the top or bottom of the layer stack.

Jackson Hamner

@Gary - If you put your header and footer into layers in the slide master and have the slide master show that layer when the timeline starts then whatever is on the layer is put on top of everything else in the timeline.

It would be nice if you could dictate where in the layer stack you wanted slide master objects to land, but this is an okay work around until we see that implemented :)

Jackson Hamner

That's a good question, I haven't tested it out so I'm not sure!

I think that you would have to make sure every layer was set to not hide other layers, but even then the layers on your base slide might still overlap the slide-master layers? The slides i use this on don't have many layers, so i haven't had a chance to test out the best way to make it play nice with base-layers.

For your situation where it needs to be on every slide it might be best to manually add the headers and footers to slides that utilize a lot of layers? Its definitely not a perfect solution, but in some situations it could cut down some of the repetitive Cut+pastes i guess.

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