Highlighted Bold Text Rendering

Jun 28, 2013

Hi all. I have built a series of slides, and to make some of the text stand out I have highlighted some text. However, when there are bold elements to the text, it leaves a gap between both the lines when you preview/publish (it's fine in the work view).

See below of an example. 

Any ideas how to fix it? I know I could present the text in full boxes, but am keen to find out if there is a workaround for this particular display method. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there James,

I'm afraid I'm not able to reproduce this on my end by using the highlight option on my end.

Can you tell me which font you're using and how you're applying the highlight effect, please? Are you selecting all of the text and applying using the mini formatting menu, or are you selecting the entire text box on the slide and using the formatting options on the "Home" tab?

If you could share a .STORY file where this is happening, I'd be happy to check it out.


James McLuckie

Hi Christine. Thanks for the reply. Have just done a quick test. The font I am using on my course is Myriad Pro. Regardless of the highlight method (be it highlighting it by dragging my cursor along the text or selecting the text box) I am finding the same issue. Same thing when I tried it with Arial. 

However, your font request made me try it again with Articulate ... and I had no issues. Same with Bookman. So it seems to be an issue with certain fonts. 

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