Highlighting Scene names in Menu TOC

Nov 19, 2012

Hi guys,

I've created a simulation module, on the menu toc i have deleted the slide names and just left the scene names. I have done this becasue its a simluation and there is about 90 slides and i just want the user to see the scene names. Is there any way i can highlight the current scene name on the toc menu as the user is going through the module (for instance if they are currently on slide 5 of scene 1 then scene 1 will be highlighted in the toc) i know usually slide names highlight but as ive deleted them from the toc nothing is highlighting :(

Thanks for any help!!

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Sajna Thomas


I have a suggestion, why don't you create an intro slide for each scene that tells the learner what is covered in that scene. In this way, you can keep only this slide in each scene to be visible in the menu panel. This will give an indication to the user which scene they are looking at..

Hope that helps.



Gerry Wasiluk

This is sort of the same as Sajna but I always name my scene and the first slide in the scene the same thing, as I usually like to do scene title slides to give learners a momentary break and as a transition to new material.

Here is an example of the first slide in my scene.  Both it and the scene have the exact same title.

Then I delete the Scene from my TOC but keep the children slides in the scene.  Then I make sure my first slide in the scene is not indented and the rest of the slides in the scene are indented. (Or, for your need, optionally remove all the children but the first slide.)

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