Hindi Open Sans font displaying incorrectly in Articulate Storyline 3

Jan 15, 2020

I’m having an issue in which Open Sans fonts in Hindi are displaying in bold in both Storyline 3 and Storyline 360, when bold is not selected. (See screenshot1.) The Open Sans family of fonts is installed.

When I publish, the characters are not bold, but there are other character distortion issues, and the character spacing is not right. (See screenshot2.)

The fonts do not display in bold when Latin characters (e.g., English) are used, only the Hindi characters. When I try changing to another font, such as Noto Sans, I have the same issue.

I am able to display the Hindi fonts in Microsoft Word in Open Sans without any issues (no unintended bolding). It's only in Storyline 3 and 360 that I have this issue.

I am working with a  vendor that is providing the translations for this course and publishing them in Storyline 3. The vendor is not having the same issues I’m seeing. (See screenshot3 for vendor’s published version.) Similarly, I had a colleague, who has the same version of Storyline 3 installed, open the course, and he also did not have the same issues with bolding that I am seeing.

I have the Open Sans (regular) font. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline 3, reinstalling the Open Sans font family, and rebooting, and nothing has made any difference. I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.


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