Hit the limit again and won't publish (program needs fixing)

Mar 16, 2014

This has been a repeated problem and I hit the wall again with it.  I'm using a Dell XPS i7 12 gigs RAM, 3TB HD

Win 8 I'm saving/publishing to my local hard drive.  I am doing questions on Vocabulary building 10 new vocab items per chapter.  I hit chapter 16 and had

340 questions saved the file, shut Storyline down and brought it up fresh with the story (shut everything else

down) and tried to "Publish."  It bombed with no "Congrats, success" screen but only a File Wizard Window

and the folder created had not Story.html file in it and no error message to let me know what went wrong or where there was a problem. 

Solution?  I went in then and eliminated the 20 old first chapter vocab

questions which have been successful in every vocab unit for chapters 1-15 but just trying to get the number of total questions down from 340 to 320 by eliminating those in the first chapter but retaining chapter 16 the new chapter.  Guess what?  It published fine.   There seems to be a problem in the program.  This problem has cost me literally days of saving and fussing as each save and publish takes 20-30 minutes.  

Because of this kind of problem and my desire now to keep things smaller so that they save/publish quicker I also

would like to be able to link story to story kind of like you can easily link between scenes as a possible way

around this problem and allowing me to build larger vocab building units that encompass all the chapters. 

What thinkest thou? 

To be honest I love this program and it has been so user friendly and beyond that by far has been the helpfulness

of this forum which has made learning Storyline a joy.  It is an incredible rapid development tool but this big file publish problem has been a major wall for me (I love the program and so keep trying to figure out ways to break up my projects into smaller units) but it would be nice if I didn't have to do that.  I've made many suggests for new features but this one is a game stopper and would be at the top of my list as far as getting it fixed.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ted,

I'm sorry to hear about the crash during publishing, and I see the feature requests you've sent in regarding the linking from one story to another. I haven't heard about a limit to slide number, file size or total questions - but it's often talked about in the forums and since you've already shared what your computer set up is (and it sounds like plenty of memory to run such large files) I think that can be ruled out as a possibility. 

I believe from other threads you've conducted the repair of Storyline recently, but in case I'm mistaken I did want to share the steps here that help resolve  odd Storyline behavior. We'd still be happy to take a look at your file and see if there is anything else we can discern by trying to publish on our end. Since it sounds too large to share in the forums, if you're interested I can send you directions to share with me directly or your always welcome to connect with our Support engineers. 

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