Homemade pick many won't grade correctly

I have created a case study page. I want the case study to be contained on one page so I've added layers to create each sub page (instead of converting to a freeform). Page 1 is the intro. Page 2 is question 1 which works fine. Page 3 (which I've added a button page 1 to jump to it) works for Correct but not Incorrect.

What I've done:

  • I've flipped the Submit trigger from "is" to "is not" for correct and incorrect.
  • I've listed trigger conditions that state 3 choices are correct and the rest are not.
  • I've created almost invisible boxes with highlight selected states for the users to click. Because the users must retry the interaction if they get it wrong, the states need to stay so the users can modify their choices after clicking Try Again.

I've attached my file. Thank you for any help!!

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Simon Perkins

One thing to remember is that SL sometimes prefers you to set up conditions (kind of) the opposite of what you want   E.g. you might expect a trigger to work if the conditions are set to X = 1 AND Y = 2 and Z =3 ... but weirdly this will sometimes not work and you need to try the opposite, say something like X != 1 AND Y != 2 AND Z != 3.

It's rare but has happened in the past.  Haven't always figured out the logic behind it either.