Hosting a storyline or rise course on a website

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I have a fairly basic problem (well hope its basic). I have a few clients that would like to host their courses online but not use an LMS. For example I want to create an interactive video using Storyline (as opposed to a full course) but would like to play the interactive video off a website.They would like to play the courses in a player similar to how one would play a video in a player.  How do I publish the course and then "host" the published file?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Nelson! I can help you with this. 😊

First, you'll want to publish Storyline for Web or publish Rise for No LMS--Web Only.

Next, you'll host the output file on a web server. If you don't already have a web server available to you, Amazon S3 is a great option. Lots of folks here in the community use that one. We've even got a video tutorial here to help you get up and running!

Alann Demeester

I am trying to host a rise file course using Amazon's S3.  I have followed the tutorial mentioned above and have everything set up but I can't figure out what is the file to use in the folder to provide the url to kick the lesson of for learners.

I can figure out the file for storyline but not for a rise course.

Gail Knefel


I have hosted my Rise course using Amazon S3 and have the URL to share with my users. However, I noticed that it does not save the user's progress. Is there any option that will save the user's progress in the course without having a formal LMS system?  Am I missing a setting in Amazon or is this the same as just using the share link directly from the Articulate site that also does not track progress?

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