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Jul 21, 2020


I have a slide with 8 boxes on it, one is correct, rest of the boxes are incorrect.  I copied that slide 8 times, making a different box on each slide the correct answer.  The interaction works just fine, but I would like my cursor to not appear as a hand over the entire slide.  There are only 8 spots where the cursor should change from an arrow to the finger, but right now, it changes everywhere.  I know is is possible to do in Captivate, so I'm really hoping it can work in Storyline...

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Ross Mulligan

Hi Tom, thank you for helping me.  That's exactly what I expected the slide to do.  Some of my boxes are close, but there is still a gap between them.  I did import a picture first, and then made hotspot boxes on certain parts of the picture; could that be the issue?  The picture is proprietary I think...or I should at least figure out if it's safe to share even a picture of my slide.

Ross Mulligan

The untitled image is what my slide looks like without the proprietary picture.  Untitled 2 is what it looks like when I preview the slide.  My cursor is a finger over every inch of the white space.  Is that how its supposed to be?  I can share the file without that image.

Edit1: So I created a brand new slide by right clicking on the left side, then clicked new slide>freeform>hot spot, created two small objects nowhere near each other, and the slide still shows a finger over the entire thing when previewing...

Edit 2: Changing to a pick one slide and not a hot spot slide solved the problem... But how do I learn to instinctively know what kind of interaction to pick for a given task?  When I think of differentiating between parts of a picture, which is what this module is all about, I think of a hotspot, not a pick one.  Pick one kind of sounds like multiple choice...but we have a button to implement a multiple choice interaction, so that's not the best use of pick one either.  So if I wanted to develop a module where the learner would make a selection among x number of objects that didn't depend on the background image, would that be the best place to use a pick one?  Why does the default programming behind the hotspot form not work like the pick one form?  Both interactions should default to the non hotspot/button areas of the slide as being cursors while the actual hotspot/button areas change to the pointer finger.  Surely I'm not the only person to suggest this over the years.

I guess our posts get flagged/reported if we edit them more than twice?  Had to repost this.

Tom Kuhlmann

1. With the hotspot option it makes sense that the cursor is always present because it would give it away to the user what part of the image is clickable or not. That's by design because you're inserting a single image and there's a correct hotspot, and in turn, everything else becomes and incorrect hotspot.

2. Yes, I'd use a pick one rather than hotspot. 

Ross Mulligan

I think that's a good point you made about the hotspot interaction.  New users like me should think of a hotspot as indicating there's only one correct spot on an entire slide to pick from, and we should be challenged to put it very precisely by having the default programming make the entire slide clickable as indicated by a pointer finger.  Now on my interaction, even though it's a pick 1 of many options, I'm not telling my learners where they should click based on boxes.  Instead, they need to know what components are called just by looking at a high-level overview.  My picture is proprietary, but it would be like looking at a car's engine or a computer's innards.  The learner is being asked to point out where the ram is, but doesn't necessarily need a box to click on indicating it's ram.  Hotspots are probably best reserved for a map  

Ross Mulligan

Had another quick question for you Tom.  Is there a way to change the pick one interaction to submit when the user clicks a hotspot instead of submit?  I just feel like it's an extra interaction the learner needs to do, especially when the choice isn't denoted on the slide right now.  When the user selects one of the 8 choices, nothing is left on the slide like there is with a hotspot interaction.  I suppose this is by default, because pick one is usually meant to use the visual of picking one of the boxes on screen as an indicator that a choice was made.  right now, users just have to know what a part of the engine is, click the finger on that spot, hit submit, and hope it's right.

1. Can I change the submit to be on item clicked, not submit button clicked?

2. Can I make the interaction respond by placing a little something on the module to indicate they selected something?  This won't be necessary if option 1 can be performed, but might be needed if option 1 can't be done.

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