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Dec 02, 2019

Hi E-Learning Community! 

I would like to display a scenario and have users select the relevant information in the text. Once selected, I would like additional feedback to appear on the screen. What question interaction would be best for something like this? I am working in Articulate Storyline 360.

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No problem. Here is what I have started:


I'd like the learner to select the correct word (in this case focused intervention, fights with siblings, fails to follow directions, four siblings and care of their grandparents). Once the learner selects that word, I'd like a layer to pop-up with feedback about that selection. 

As far as scoring goes, I'd like the learner to at least select three items in order to get the question correct. Not sure if that is possible or if its an all or nothing situation.

Wendy Farmer

If you can share the storyline slide folks may be able to offer suggestions. At first thought I would be doing this as a Pick One with transparent objects over the correct items and a couple of distractors.  But it would be good to see how you have set it up.

So when they select the word/s you want immediate feedback and then when they have selected the three items that's when the user clicks submit to score the question?

From the sample publish you shared it looks like you have only highlighted with hotspots the correct items - ie. there are no distractors? should there be


Wendy Farmer

Can I suggest a pick one as it will allow you to use offstage buttons Correct/Incorrect which will be used in the form view and allow more control over their selections.

If you do it as a pick many and have the 5 possible selections in the form view - the user will need to get all five correct, you can't distinguish between this one and that one as one of the three if you know what I mean.

Let me try and mock something up for you as an example.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

I've started to mock something up - take a look at this Peek video is this what you are after. 

We need to work out if they get the distractor with the feedback 'not the best answer' or whatever you say in the feedback do we then 'deselect' that option for them and allow them to get the correct answer...

Not sure how you want it to behave

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