Multiple question banks

Jan 03, 2023

Hi all

I will shortly be creating some Safeguarding training and I would like to know if you can crate multiple question banks. 

For example we have office based staff that I would like to draw from one question bank, then we have staff that work on reserves and with the public to have questions drawn from a separate question bank. At the end of the content I would like them to be able to select their department and then go to the appropriate question bank. I am sure there must be a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

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Eric Santos

Hi Michelle,

Yes, you can add multiple Question banks in Storyline 360 and add slides that draw from these Question banks!

You can then use triggers to jump to the question draw slides to display your quizzes. I've attached a sample Storyline 360 project showing the above.

Let me know if that helps!

John Morgan

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for asking about this! You can set the number of questions that are going to be drawn from each bank but you would have to do the math on your own to get the percentages. Here's a video on how to set the number of questions drawn from each bank. I also attached a sample story file.

I hope this helps!