Hotspot/Button does not open the URL in a new browser window in iOS (from iOS 12.4 ) mobile app

Oct 18, 2019

We have an app created that loads storyline content  in ios webview. We are finding issues where when we call an external URL using the "Jump to URL/file" trigger, it does not trigger open the URL in the browser from the app. This was working in iOS 12.0. This started happening after 12.4 update onwards including iOS 13.0.

The same works in Android all versions.

 We checked in both UIWebView and WKWebView for iOS.

Attached the sample storyline 3.0 file. Can you please check this content after publishing and let us know why it does not trigger the click event in the UIWebView and WKWebView for iOS.

Appreciate if you could give us a solution ASAP as our customers are using iOS 13 for launching the courses.

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Yeshwanth Singh

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the quick response. I am publishing the course using HTML5 with Flash fallback only.

The issue we see is that the "jump to url" trigger works correctly in AMP but in our player it does not trigger it. Nothing happens when we click the image as provided in our sample project file.

Our player is built using UIWebView for iOS. Please let me know if you need the sample code for opening the articulate content using  UIWebView. We can share it with you for your reference.



Yeshwanth Singh

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the quick response.

I had a look into the package I have observed there are many HTTP calls been present in the package, But iOS is not allowed to make a call to HTTP.

Is it required to give access to call HTTP while playing Articulate Content in iOS?

It will be great to hear from you ASAP.


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