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Sep 14, 2015

Hi, Is it possible to restrict the area for click action in the Hotspot question. so that I can use my custom Submit button.  I 've attached an image in which I don't want that click effect on any other area except the image. please help .



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Patti Bryant

Hi Vimal!

I would get around this by inserting a regular slide and then converting it to a hotspot instead of starting with a hotspot question slide. This should allow you to use your own submit button. An article that may help is here:

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,

Paul Miller

Seems to me that the hotspot interaction should be restricted to the image that is added in form view. You shouldn't be able to click all over the user interface. This causes a lot of problems with custom navigation.

I'm don't understand Phil's solution. If you can't click on the base layer, you won't be able to click the hotspot.

Bill Kelleher

When I create hotspot questions, I do the following:

  • Remove the Submit button on the player
  • Select the By Player ButtonSubmit Option
  • Create my own button that submits the interaction on a new layer that is shown when the timeline starts.

This allows me to select and get an indicator before clicking submit. You could add a frame shape object around the image (and make it transparent if necessary) and that will keep you from being able to click anywhere but on the image. See the attached .story for an example

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