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David Artale

Justin  Hi! This really helps! I'm having a problem though, when  i direct the freeform to branch to a certain slide it only let's me to one branch for all three options. I can't do several different branching.

Is that due to the fact I'm trying to branch them off to different quiz questions? 

Justin Grenier

Hello again, David.

When following Jeanette's Screenr, I didn't have any trouble branching to different slides, regardless of whether they were Quiz Question slides or contained content of another type.

However, if you're using a Question Bank, you won't be able to branch to individual questions within that bank, since the entire question bank is referenced as a single slide, in which case you may need to break your Question Bank out into individual quiz slides.

If you're not using a Question Bank and are still having trouble branching to different slides via Jeanette's method, please feel free to share a copy of your .story project file with us so we can take a deeper look.  Thanks!