Hotspots delay in working multiple times

Hi, has anyone else experienced this odd functionality with hotspots?

I have a hotspot on the base layer that triggers a layer to open when clicked.

That layer then has a close button to hide it again.

After which, clicking on the 1st hotspot again to RE-OPEN the layer above only works after 25 secs! Which seems a consistent figure too!

The base layer is only 5 secs long and the hotspot is present from 0 secs.

Any thoughts!? Thanks.

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Brian Allen

Steven, you're right, it was the animations. In addition to the animations, you were never actually closing or hiding the slide layer, so even when the animations collapsed the panel the layer was still open, hence the delay in getting your hotspot to work again.

I removed the animations, applied a transition to the slide layer, and changed the hotspot trigger on your layer to hide the layer, and it works (updated file attached).

The layer transition isn't exactly the same effect as what you were getting with your animations, but it's close.