Hotspots Disappear on Software Sim

Jul 16, 2015


I used SL1 to record a software sim. I have all the hotspots set to remain active to the end of the timeline. Despite this, on some of the slides the hotspot disappears just at the end of the timeline. This makes it impossible for the learner to advance to the next slide, even though they really do click the correct spot; instead they just get the 'Incorrect' layer.

We've tried it from a regular web server and as a SCORM object from an LMS. Both give this behavior.

Republishing seems to solve the problem on one slide only to have it appear on another. This is quite frustrating.

Any insights? Or better yet, solutions?

Thank you so much,



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen,

Thanks for sharing the video here. You mentioned republishing it seemed to solve the behavior and then it appeared somewhere else? Can you confirm that you're working on project files as described here and publishing to a local drive? You could also look at importing the project into a new file as detailed here. 

Allen Way

OK. I feel the perfect fool (again). There are several areas of the sim that contain similar procedures and I had made changes and simply mistook one for the other. So of course, when I thought I had checked on the settings I had gone to the wrong one and missed the one(s) that ended up giving the problems.

A real nice improvement would be the ability to drag and drop scenes where we want them within the Story View tab--and the connection arrows would adjust accordingly--to help keep track of different scenes w/o as much scrolling (which messes w/ my eyes) and perhaps the ability to adjust the length/width of the scene boxes not unlike one can do w/ text boxes on the slides. In the interim, I guess I just need to keep them contracted.

Thanks again,



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