Smaller Storyline Hotspots Not Working in HTML5

Sep 26, 2012

Hello All,

I have an eLearning software simulation built. It is a simple click-through sim

(click the import button, click the close button, etc...)  The Flash version works great.  

The HTML5 version does fully work.

Here is what works (Bigger Hotspots) in Flash and HTML5:

Only the slides that have big hotspots work.  A slide that works will have some

screen text with a big callout with text. That big callout has a hotspot (88 px X 272 px)

on top of it that, when clicked, advances to the next slide. This type of hotspot works

great in both the Flash and HTML5 exported versions

Here is what does not work (Smaller Hotspots) in HTML5

I have a silde that is a software simulation.  I have a "Click Import." callout pointing to

the import button. That button has a hotspot that cover just the button, the hotspot is

smaller (25 px X 64 px) to cover just the simulation button area. This type of hotspot

works great for the Flash exported version, but not in the HTML5 exported version.

Any fixes or tricks (Callout or hotspot position, size, etc...) I can do to fix this?


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon John, and welcome to Heroes!

This is certainly interesting behavior!  Would you mind submitting a Support Case and including a copy of your .story file?  If you have the time, it wouldn't hurt to also add a screencast of the problem to help avoid any misunderstandings.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

John Moore

Hello Justin,

It was a network/Internet  issue.  I was working with a Storyline file on Dropbox and Google Drive.  

Once I saved the file locally (C drive) and exported (as Flash and HTML5 output) the hotspots worked

on both the Flash and HTML5 modules I developed. Articulate Storyline HTML5 output (for iOS users)

hotspot do work.


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