Storyline (Exported Content) Bitmaps Jumping...

Sep 27, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone else had any issues of bitmaps (background screenshots) jumping around?

Once I export content (Flash or HTML5) I notice that the bitmaps sometimes  "jumps" when

I click next or click around (hotspots) sections of my simulation(s).

I know Flash has always had "jumping" bitmaps due to Flash Player 9 / AVM2, AKA "under the hood"

cumulative rounding errors of the player. But that fact that this "jumping around" also shows up in

HTML5 exported content stymies me. 

Is this a bad pixel data issue cause by bitmaps being exported with Flash or is it the bitmap(s)

swapping with the mp4 file(s) that are slightly different? 

Most of the time everything works great, but every once and a while the bitmaps "jumps"

after a user interaction.


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