SL2 - problem with JS trigger on hotspot in html5

Jul 04, 2017

We have a course running where some users are accessing Flash version, then html5 if Flash is not available.

We have a variety of 'Execute javascript' triggers, actioned upon page load, which all work fine in both versions.

We also have some 'Mailto' triggers actioned on clicking hotspots - these also work fine in both versions.

But we have one 'Execute javascript' trigger, actioned on clicking a hotspot - this we have proved (as best we can) works on the Flash version but not in html 5.

Has anyone experienced this or can shed any light on what's going on?


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Alexandros Anoyatis

I have seen a few Execute is misfires over the years. Most notably the inconsistent execution of JS when timeline starts on a master slide/layout (sometimes fires, sometimes completely refuses to), which I get around by delaying execution for a few ms.

I can't recall I've come across this, but it is quite possible I have. Don't know why this happens but there is an easy workaround.

Assign a temporary variable (num variable is preferable) and add a couple of triggers:

1) Add 1 to num variable when user clicks the hotspot

2) execute javascript when variable num var changes.

Inefficient compared to your initial plan, and includes an additional listener that has no business being there, but it will do the trick while Articulate sort this out.

Hope this helps,


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