Trigger not firing after JavaScript execution in HTML5

Aug 01, 2016


Being able to use JavaScript in Storyline projects is very handy - but I seem to be having a problem with it in HTML5 (Storyline 2 Update 10).

In the Flash version of my project, triggers I add after an 'Execute JavaScript' trigger work as expected - but in the HTML5 version, it looks like triggers after the 'Execute JavaScript' trigger don't  fire.

I've attached a basic Storyline project, and published versions below. When you click the 'Press' button: an 'Execute JavaScript' trigger changes the value of the TestVar variable to true; then a 'Jump to Slide' trigger jumps to slide 2 if TestVar is true.

The Flash version works as expected:

But in the HTML5 version, the JavaScript is executed and the TestVar is changed by the JavaScript (as reported in the text box) - but the the slide doesn't change:

If the project is adjusted so the 'Jump to Slide' trigger is moved above the 'Execute JavaScript' trigger (and set to jump if TestVar is false), then the slide changes Ok in the HTML5 version - just not if the 'Jump to Slide' trigger is after the 'Execute JavaScript' trigger.

I've tested this on a Windows 7 PC, in: Firefox 38.3; Google Chrome 51.0; Internet Explorer 11. And on Safari for iOS 9.3.3 on iPad (the project is published with 'Use Articulate Mobile Player' unticked).

Is there something I'm not doing right that is stopping the triggers from firing?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eoghan,

Thanks for the clarification, and although we can't assist with the code specific elements, if things are not being trigger properly or different than before we'd want to take a look. I'd like to have you work directly with our Support Engineers on this and if you can provide the copy of the file and if you  have a previous copy you create in Update 9 and didn't update to 10 to show the difference would be helpful. 

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