Hotspots for State Changes Aren't Working Properly in Storyline 3

Aug 10, 2022

Hi folks,

I am using hotspots to create hover states for a web app simulation, but when I preview or publish the file, the hotspots aren't working properly. In preview (or when published), the hotspots either (1) function at a different place on the slide, (2) function in a different size on the slide, or (3) automatically trigger the hover state before the cursor hovers over them. On some slides, the hotspots work as intended. 

I have attached a Story file with a few slides I'm having this problem with.

Does anyone know why I might be experiencing this issue? Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

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Ron Price

Hey Sean

I am not 100% sure what the final product should look like, but I think the problem may be with the naming of your states.  Since you have named the state "Hover" it will automatically change to the hover state any time the mouse is over the image.  Therefore, the trigger on the hotspot is not really helping you.  You will need to change the name of your states to something that is not a Built-in feature - "Hover1" for example.  SInce Storyline 3 does not support the renaming of states, the best solution would be to Edit states>duplicate the Hover state > give it a new name> and then delete the hover state.  After that edit your hotspot trigger to change to your new State.

I hope that helps