Hotspots not working

Mar 20, 2014

I've created hotspots, and with the exception of one slide, they're not working and I can't figure out why. Across my modules, I create hotspots; then I create a trigger that says: Show layer (where a definition or circle lies) when user clicks hotspot. I also do not click "Hide base layer" in the settings.

Yet for some reason, only the layer appears, and the base layer no longer displays when the user clicks the hotspot. So all the user sees is a circle or definition against an empty background.

Any ideas?

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Lisa Rothrauff

Actually, none of them are working the way I want.

More specifically, I find that I can click to layer 1, bit if I try to then go deeper and click a hotspot on layer 1 to go to layer 2, nothing happens. This recurs throught the presentation. I've checked setting, dimming, etc. Do I need a second trigger? Can I have a hotspot on layer 1 take me to layer 2 or do hotspots only work for one layer? Can't find anything in the doc.

Can't really upload a slide as the content is proprietary, so if I can't figure this out, I'll just change my slides.

Thanks for your help!


Lisa Rothrauff

Thanks, Rebecca. I tried your approach, including a trigger to hide the layer once it's been viewed but that didn't work either. And I can't get the base layer to show, even though in preference I don't check off "Hide Base Layer."

Attached is a slide as an example. I appreciate your taking a look at this.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

I just downloaded your story and I'm a bit confused, so hoping you can help me out.

The instructions say to click on different items on the dashboard to discover what you can do there. But you have this set up as a quiz, so just about everything I, the Learner, clicks on is incorrect. And, I'm not brought to a layer, I have to hit Submit.

Wouldn't you want this to simply be a slide where you could add hotspots that would bring Learners to different layers? See Slide 2, where I inserted a Hotspot over the Lotus Definition part of the dashboard (I think!) and a Lotus Definition layer.

So, I'm thinking you don't need a quiz here, you simply need hotspots...but I could be thinking wrong!

Also, from a Design perspective, it's very hard to see the dashboard. Would you be able to enlarge it and show different sections of if on different slides?

Lisa Rothrauff

Thanks, Rebecca. I had originally created as a quiz then wanted it to be an free form interactivity.

But the others I am using were not originally quizzes and I'm still having a problem. I'll either try to recreate or scrap the hotspots as this is absorbing too much of my time, right now. I'll let you know if I can figure out what's going on across the project.

Peter Dillon

A few months late but I was looking for a resolution to the same problem just five minutes ago when I came across the solution. Thought I would post it in case it's of help to someone else.

Make sure that hotspots are brought to the front of any images they are part of. The sizing box is still visible on the image but the actualy hotspot might be hidden behind, and not accessible in live mode.

Neina Konate

Peter, your message was 7 years ago and you resolved an issue I had been working on for 3 days now in 2021 !!! I could kiss you right now. Thank you so much. It was that simple, So glad the messages here never gets deleted/archived. You never know when someone's answers will be your saving grace.