Hover Color for Hyperlinks

Is there a way to disable the hover color that appears over  hyperlinks? I have read the threads about going to the design tab and adjusting the colors... and I have done that. I selected my hyperlinks to appear as navy. However, I do not want a different color to appear when the mouse hovers over. I wouldn't mind if it were the color of the text changing... but it's the background color of that particular text that changes, and usually it makes the hyperlink illegible. 

See attached file. Hyperlink I am referring to is in bullet #4.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Maggie!

The hyperlink color in Color Themes is for both the underlined hyperlink and its hover color. The hover color is a lighter percentage of the actual hyperlink color. 

If you want to remove the hover effect altogether, you could try removing the link from the textbox and adding a hotspot over the link, instead.