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Mar 25, 2013


I've built a slide with a number of boxes on it, each box has a layer.

I.e, the learner clicks a box, a layer telling them about that box crops up.

This I can do easily!

But the bit thats stumping me, is that from each layer, I want a further three 'boxes' - basically I'm breaking up the information that is provided to the learner.

I've tried to do it so that on a layer, I have three boxes and each of these boxes has a hover over, 'show layer'.

When I preview it, the inital box and link to layer works, but the hover over (show layer function) literally glimpses the screen for a second. Any ideas why?! The timeline for the layers is set to 5 seconds - shouldn't be 'flashing' before my eyes!

Is this not possible?



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Donna Morvan

Hi Rachel,

It is most likely because your layers are cancelling each other out. You may have to go and check your layer properties and check under Visibility. If the "Hide Other Layers" is checked then that explains why.. since when  you hover over the boxes on the layer.. then.. it switches to that layer.. (I hope I explained it well) The point is.. if the option is checked, you can't show multiple layers at the same time.


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