Hoverable Drag and Drop Driving Me Crazy- Trigger Based on multiple variables

Sep 05, 2023

Please help. In this Drag and Drop the learner must first hover over three areas (which are hotspots) to view and read some material. I then want "HINT2" to show on the screen. But it will not show. Following are some programming details of how I set it up:

1. Set up T/F variables for each hover.

2. HINT2 has two states (Hidden and Normal). It starts out as Hidden when timeline begins on this screen.

3. Trigger made: Set HINT2 to normal when all three variables (described in first step) are True. 

This should make the hint show on the screen. I have the variable references showing and they are telling me they are switching to true when I hover over each hotspot.


Please see attached. I've tried importing and I've tried switching the hover to a click, but no luck. I don't understand why it's not working since the condition is being met.

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Ron Price

Hey Michele,

Your Trigger to change the state of Hint 2 is "when the timeline starts" .  The problem is the timeline has already changed by the time the variables switch to true.  A better solution is "when the variable changes.  I would build three of these, since you do not know which order the user may hover over the hotspots.