Hover not working properly

Sep 25, 2017


I am working on a project and have hover effects on all of the buttons. When I click them all they turn grey as they are completed or visited. If I hover a grey button once it has been visited, I would like for that hover effect to show up again and it does on only two of the buttons. I have attached the slide to the message, as my words may be confusing. Help! :) 

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Ryan Angelo Yang

Hi Monique,

What I've done is I recreated your button groups, by copying one of the working button groups and pasting it onto your slide 6 times, once for each of the non-working buttons, then delete the old button groups. I renamed the groups with the 1st word and the number 1, eg. political 1. It seems like it was just a buggy set of buttons because the new ones work now. 

You may have to redo your continue trigger. I couldn't test the functionality because I only had the 1 slide that you shared to work with. You can either grab the attached revised version I've uploaded here or just do the same on your current project slide.


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