Hover state flickering because of entry/ou animations

Nov 28, 2023


I have a side menu with several shapes (1, 2, 3, ... in the attached screenshot) that I want to slide into view on mouseover, and to slide (dock) to the border on mouseout.

So, in the states, on the system hover state I move the object -230px. All is well if I don't apply any animation.

If I apply an animation on the hover state (using the new object in a state can be animated trick) then I get an infinite loop and a flickering object, the object opens, closes, etc. If I add only the out animation, it works fine, except when I hover on the object when it's sliding out : hover loop.

Is there a way to have hover "paused" while the animation is executing, or should I switch to layers ? Problem is, I'm in a master slide and don't want to multiply layers !

Am I asking too much of Storyline ? I thought that these kind of sliding objects might be relatively easy to do ...

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