How do I disable Hover Color?

Sep 12, 2014

Going a bit crazy here- I've set up a trigger to display a second layer when I hover over my object. But when I hover over, it keeps flickering between the auto hover color and the layer that I want to appear.

I've tried disabling the hover state, then adding the trigger, but the same flickering thing happens. It's like it's confused about whether it wants to follow my trigger or apply the hover cover! Help please!

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L'Oreal Battistelli

Hi there! I'm experiencing a similar issue. I'm using an Articulate 360 content library slide "wheel" and have programmed not only the four "block archs" but also the center circle with multiple states to provide not only normal, hover, selected and visited but all concurrent publishing i.e. "text and icon" publishing, and the center circle appears to flicker when I hover over the outer edge in "Review." What do you suggest as a potential solution?

Walt Hamilton

Flickering with hover generally means that the Hover state is smaller than the Normal state. Thus, when the Hover state shows, the cursor is not over it, and it reverts to Normal, where the cursor is over it, so it reverts to Hover, where the cursor is not over it, so... and you get the idea.