Hover state in slide master interfered with by textboxes/hotspots

Aug 12, 2022


I'm creating a branching scenario and created a Master slide to try and save me some time. 

Here's what I have on it : 

  • A rectangle with a hovering effect.
  • Inside the rectangle, a placeholder for text.

When I build a slide based on this slide master, everything works. 

A lot of my slides are based on this slide master, but each of them use a different trigger when the rectangle is clicked. Therefore, I cannot set the triggers in the slide master.

I inserted hotspots on each slide to cover the rectangle that was created in the slide master. A trigger has been attached to that hotspot. 

While the hotspot and trigger work well in each slides, the hover effect that was defined in the slide master no longer work. If I remove the hotspot or place it elsewhere, they do work again.

When a hotspot is placed in the slide over the image, it kills the hover state as defined in the slide master.

I do not want to move the rectangle to the slide instead of the slide master. Although this would be a work-around, It would defeat the whole purpose of using a slide master.

Any help is welcome.


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Jessica, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

If you'd like to share your project file here or in private by opening a support case, myself or one of our talented community members will have have a chance to offer up some suggestions on how to address the behavior you're encountering. Please include steps on how we can replicate the behavior on our end to help us test your file as accurately as possible.