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Will Findlay

Thank you Luciana! Here is my story file.

To recreate,

  1. Copy slide 1.9
  2. Paste slide 1.9 (on top of 1.9) to create a new quiz slide 1.10
  3. For choice #3 add enough text to cause it to wrap to a new line (e.g. add "This is another sentence.")
  4. Look at the States of choice #3. Note that the Hover State causes the text to bump up so it is different than the other states:

  5. Compare it to the other states where the text is positioned correctly:
Kelly Auner

Hi, Will!

Thanks so much for sharing your file!

I see what you mean by the text moving up when you hover over it with the mouse. I was able to replicate this in preview mode and when published to Review 360. I tried importing your slides into a new file and the issue persisted. You mentioned this happens sometimes - is there an instance where the text doesn't jump up on the screen?

To troubleshoot further, I've opened a support case on your behalf so we can investigate what's going on! You'll be hearing from one of our Support Engineers soon via email!