Hover state on objects in a group - expected behaviour?

Jul 27, 2021

Hello - what is the expected behaviour of objects in a group where it pertains to their hover states?

Eg. I have buttons that are part of a menu, I group them together so that I can animate their entrace together. Would you expect to see their individual hover states? Because when I group objects together like this, then mouse-over the group, it activates the hover state on both buttons in the group rather than individually.

In other words, is grouping the creation of a new distinct object, or a container for objects?

(Storyline 3 latest build)

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Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Yes, hover applies to the whole group, which is a handy feature of groups, but it can totally work against you like in your case here.

You could animate those objects seperately or you could leave it as is, and then show your separate objects over the menu, once the animation completes, so you have the objects nice and sepearate for the user to click. I hope this made sense. :)

Math Notermans

This cannot be intended... Check this sample and post..

The benefit of groups is only good if you can add anything and get the same behaviour as when not grouping them. If adding multiple UX elements makes them all act on hover...as now is...its a bug. If i want a group to act as a whole, i add a hotspot in it and add the trigger i want there...

As is now...groups cannot be used with multiple UX elements.