Hover state overrides text of other states some of the time and doesn't other times...how do I pick?

Jun 23, 2021

I have a slide that has triggers to various lightbox slides. The triggers are not acting in the same way however. With one trigger, after the variables set it to complete, the hover state does not change the Unicode check mark character that that I have and instead only changes the background colour. On other object triggers (that were copy and pasted from the original) the hover state overrides the completed state and inserts the hover state text question mark instead of maintaining the check mark. Why is one only changing the colour and one changing the colour and the text? More importantly, how do I set it to do one or the other? I hope that my pictures do my question justice:

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Ren Gomez

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing your experience! It would be helpful to see the file, either publicly here, or privately with our engineers, to get a good idea of why the states aren't behaving as expected!

Without digging in, my current guess is that you have a custom "Completed" state that may need some trigger adjustments. Have you tried using the built-in Visited state to see if that helps?

Daniel Milan

I did indeed build the custom states of the incomplete and complete so that they could be triggered upon opening (incomplete) and completion. The visited state shows whether or not the section is taken to completion so it does not work for my lesson. 

I have attached the file for you to take a look at. The slide I am working in is "1.4 minimum requirements include". Anything that I have moved from the base layer to a separate layer has been modified by copy and pasting the one object that works as I desire. The remainder of the objects on the base layer do not operate in the same fashion.

I have attached a few pictures as well to highlight the items I am referring to. I have set up one object on the base layer with all the same formulas and parameters: "info_tapVoltages". You will see that when you click on the object it will change state as desired, however the hover will then override the text of the completed state. This does not occur on any of the other objects that I am having to go through and change one by one.

Thanks for the help. I hope that there is something that can be found on your end as to why this is happening.

Ren Gomez

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for sharing your file and images of your experience! I reviewed every item and confirmed those markers built in separate layers worked as expected as you had triggers to change the state after review.

For the items on your base layer, I recommend creating a Visited state and using a checkmark as the image. A variable or trigger to change states wouldn't be required in these cases since there is only one slide to review anyway. I believe this will help speed up your work as well!

Ensure your Storyline 360 version is up to date, and let me know if you experience anything different from the image above!

Daniel Milan

Hi Ren, thanks for looking in to that but that still doesn't solve my conundrum about why certain ones acted one way and certain ones acted another. I created one with all the custom states and then copy and pasted every other one, so in my mind, they should have all acted the same way.

As for the visited state, that would not work for me in this case as that file is not complete. Every one of the objects on the base layer was moved to a separate layer and additional slides were added in after each one. The visited state would not work for completing the entire string of slides. Additionally, the visited state is still overridden by the hover state. Maybe it's just me, but if something is visited it should remain visited and not have the character in the visited state replaced every time you hover over it again.

I did go ahead and just copied the ones that worked to every single one all over again and now things are working fine. Just be wonderful to know why something that is supposed to be a copy of something else, does not function in the same way.

Thanks for you help, but I'll move on from this one and try to break something else along the way.