Hovering in Storyline

Hi, I am totally new to Storyline and I am a little frustrated. I have got a grip of the basics but I am designing a slide which has 4 boxes on it and I want the user to hover over a box to reveal more information. I know how to do it, but storyline doesn't seem to want to follow my instruction!? I have tried all ways to resolve it but can't. Can anyone help? The 'user clicks' works. So why won't it 'hover'? What am I not doing right? Thanks in advance, Tony.

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Tony Howard

Hi Leslie, thanks for the quick response. I'm sending you a tester as the content I'm working on is confidential. I hope you can help. It's driving me crazy! There are 2 situations on the attachment. On the first I want the balloon to fly to each region when clicked on but I can only manage it from it's original point. The second slide I want to hover over the picture to show the relevant layer but it just doesn't. I don't want the user to have to go back and forth for each picture. it would be tedious. T

Phil Mayor

Hi Tony the problem you have is that you have overlaid something over the top of your hovered object so it is no longer being hovered over and that is causing the layer yo hide, you also have it set to hide objects on the base layer which means it is o longer being hovered over.

If you need to hide certain objects on the base layer then on the layer timeline hit the base layer arrow to show specific items you can hide.

I don't think you need the hide button on that layer