How can I Allow user retry quiz in Storyline 360?

May 08, 2017

How can I Allow user retry quiz in Storyline 360?

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Mathew Roberts

Hi Wendy:

I have a scenario where the client wants users to be able to review AND retry survey question submissions -- effectively both at once.  That is, they want to review, say, a MCQ or Likert slide they've submitted, such that it both shows their original answers AND allows them to change these answers.  My takeaway from this and other forums is that this is not possible, at least in Survey questions and maybe in Quiz questions either (btw, did we lose a bunch of 'Options' for Results slide in 360?).  However, I find that I CAN do this for text-entry questions, just not MCQ or Likert/MCQ.   Is this correct?  Is there a workaround that still uses the off-the-shelf question types at all?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew, 

The results options in 360 remain, although they may be in a slightly different location than your used to. Take a look at this tutorial to get started! 

As for a retry and a review occurring at the same time, it's not something I've seen with the built-in Storyline options, so I'll be curious what the community has to share with you here! 

Thomas Hannon

Hello All, 

I'd like to add a scenario to this trail.  We have quiz questions thoughout the .story presentation.  The 'Results' slide is working well.   I would like to have the 'Retake Quiz" button take the student back to all of the quiz slides and produce one complete quiz to retake.   Currently I don't see a way to do this. 

Thank you.


Thomas Hannon

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the quick reply. I was looking at that option and will see if I can make it work.
Will that option seek out all questions that were incorrect throughout the entire module?
I have questions/knowledge checks throughout the 80+ slides, not one big quiz at the end.

Ultimately, I would like to force the user to retake all quiz questions wherever they may be in the module.

Thank you again.


Crystal Horn

Hi Tom! Yes, that option will seek all of the incorrect questions throughout the entire module, even if there are content slides between them. The results slide tracks all of the questions that you've included, and it'll reset either all of them, or only the incorrect ones.

If you don't want the learner to revisit the content slides that fall in between quiz questions, consider using a variable to track whether the question slide has been visited. That way, you can use the variable to change the navigation when learners retry the quiz.

Check out this example.  I am choosing to review and retry ALL questions, not just incorrect in this project.  I used a number variable for each question, and on the feedback layers, I used the variables to place conditions on the Continue button triggers.

I've attached the project file so you can see how the triggers are built to determine what happens when the learner clicks the Continue button!

Heinee Hinrichsen

These triggers are so problematic. I continue having issues with the Retry button and Resetting my quizzes. Having the triggers in the right order, and all the other myriad of triggers and variables to get it work is very frustrating. I am currently working on a file right now and I have a fail screen with a Retry button and when I think I have everything set up right and I click on the Retry button. It takes me to the first question and I can't click on any of the answers. This shouldn't be so complicated to reset the questions.

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